Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson Become Hobbits in Hilarious Video

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Niall Horan is a lot like a hobbit—he loves to eat and he loves his beer, so he’d probably fit right in with the tiny, hairy-footed folk. He’d love their tradition of eating second breakfast, and the hobbits would love getting introduced to Nando’s.

In fact, a lot of members of One Direction are hobbit-like. Harry Styles has Frodo’s hair, and Louis Tomlinson is a faithful friend just like Samwise. So since The Hobbit just hit theaters and the guys of 1D have so much in common with the critters, it was brilliant of The Warped Zone to combine the British boy band and the ground-dwelling mythical beings to create a hilarious parody video.

The comedy team’s song “One Ring” is set to the tune of the One Direction song “One Thing,” but it’s not a love story about a girl—Frodo and his friends sing about their obsession with the “one ring to rule them all” instead.

“One Ring” begins with Frodo singing this:

“We first met in the shire/forged in a mountain of fire/you were heavy to bear/my finger’s gone but/who cares”

The video also features Lord of the Rings characters Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, Samwise, and Gollum.

As stated above, Frodo is obviously Harry Styles, while Louis Tomlinson has to be his BFF Samwise. But which One Direction members do the rest of the LOTR characters represent?

Bilbo is the only remaining hobbit, so he has to be Niall Horan. Wizard Gandalf is a sensible leader, so “Daddy Direction” Liam Payne is most like him. This leaves Gollum to represent Zayn Malik, but that just doesn’t seem right—Zayn is more like pretty boy elf Legolas. So perhaps Gollum can represent the guys’ greedy ol’ manager Simon Cowell.

You can check out the music video for “One Ring” below.

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