Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson: Who Does Nathan Sykes Love?

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Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik are allegedly not the biggest fans of fellow British boy band The Wanted. However, Nathan Sykes has revealed that he’s actually an admirer of one of the members of One Direction.

Obviously the 1D guy that Nathan loves isn’t Louis – the sassy, suspender-wearing singer is the member of 1D who has been talking trash about Nathan’s band recently. And while lots of guys probably admire Louis’ BFF Hazza for being a babe magnet, it’s also not the mop-top womanizer who has wowed Nathan.

So is Nathan a fan of Liam’s fit physique, or does he think that Zayn’s new skunk hairstyle is the bee’s knees? Nope – he’s fallen for Irish charmer Niall Horan. And surprisingly it’s not Niall’s Irish accent that Nathan Sykes adores. Here’s what The Wanted star told Sugarscape about his favorite member of One Direction:

“I love Niall… Can I just say that Niall is one of the nicest lads you’ll ever meet. Really nice lad.”

Sugarscape had played matchmaker for the guys of The Wanted and One Direction before Nathan’s interview, and the website just happened to pair up Nathan with Niall.

It’s a good thing that Max George and Louis Tomlinson weren’t coupled up – instead Max was paired with non-confrontational crooner Harry Styles. Max recently attacked Louis by claiming that he’s gay and probably has a crush on one of the members of The Wanted, and he threatened to confront the 1D star when both British boy bands meet up for the Jingle Ball in December.

Unlike Max George, Nathan seems to think that this boy band rivalry can be settled peacefully. Here’s what he said about meeting the guys at Madison Square Garden:

“Hopefully we get to see them, have a bit of a catch up and put any sort of silly little rivalry to bed, because we don’t want that.”

Perhaps Niall and Nathan can meet up first to negotiate a peaceful truce between the two groups.

So do you think that this rivalry will end at the Jingle Ball, or will Max and Louis make things worse by flinging insults at each other?

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