Niall Horan Is a ‘Harry Potter’ Fan!

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Niall Horan knows an awful lot about Harry Potter! The One Direction member recently revealed which Potter House he would be in if he were at Hogwarts. Of course he has four choices but generally speaking, only two houses are considered… Gryffindor and Slytherin. So where does Horan see himself fitting best?
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“Hmmm… I don’t wanna say Gryffindor. What’s Malfoy in? Slytherin. I’d say Slytherin,” Niall said (via SugarScape). Could it be that Niall has a bad boy streak in him? He definitely wouldn’t follow in the heroic footsteps of Harry Potter… but Slytherin is also known for its heroes—and people with big hearts (cough, cough Severus Snape).

Niall Horan and the rest of the One Direction guys are often asked hypothetical questions like this and their answers are usually very interesting. Fans absolutely love learning all of these weird tidbits and it’s cool to hear what the guys have to say. As far as Potter Houses, where do you see the rest of the guys fitting? Louis Tomlinson might be a good fit for Gryffindor, don’t you think?

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