Niall Horan Is Confused, Jet Lagged!

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Niall Horan is confused! Insert blonde joke here! Okay, so Niall and his One Direction band mates are now in Los Angeles ahead of this week’s VMAs, but unfortunately, Horan is a bit jet lagged!

Niall is completely lost, tweeting that he can’t figure out the time. “I don’t know what time it is. Phone saying one thing laptop another!” That is a really uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps he needs to turn his off and back on again. Perhaps there are some tech-savvy 14-year-old girls who would be happy to give Niall a hand with his phone and computer clocks!

Still, it was Niall’s personification of jet lag that makes you wonder if he is just a little off. Dude learn to sleep on an airplane.

Niall tweeted, “I dont like jet lag! He’s evil ! He just threw a bucket of water over me t wake me up at 6 am!oh no that was a glass of water I spilt #wee.”

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