Niall Horan Met the Backstreet Boys, and They Played ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ (Video)

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Niall Horan was in for a real treat when he went to check out the Backstreet Boys in concert—he got to hear the One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful!”

You would think that Niall wouldn’t be all that happy to hear the tune since he and the rest of 1D had to sing it over and over again while they were on tour, but he was so excited about the little tribute that he just had to tweet about it. According to Yahoo! omg!, here’s what he wrote about BSB playing 1D:

“Hahaha they play WMYB in the concert! hahaha! brilliant!”

“amazing night! met the backstreet boys and new kids! super nice guys! got some good advice !”

Unfortunately the Backstreet Boys didn’t really wow Niall Horan by actually singing “What Makes You Beautiful”—they just had it playing over the loudspeakers while Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough chose some lovely ladies from the crowd to serenade. Still, playing the song was a nice gesture and a great way for BSB to acknowledge the next generation of boy bands.

The guys were also kind enough to pose with Niall after the concert in London, and apparently they must have had a bit of a chat with him since the One Direction cutie tweeted about getting some good advice from the group. Perhaps they told Niall Horan to enjoy himself as much as possible right now since boy band fame can be fleeting, and maybe fellow blondie Nick Carter gave him some hair care tips.

Niall better watch out getting too close to other boy bands, however—he might make his One Direction band mates jealous. In addition to hanging with the Backstreet Boys, Niall also used some of his vacation to party with JLS after attending their concert in Sheffield.

So if Niall ever gets kicked out of 1D (like that would ever happen), maybe he can find a home with another boy band—they do all seem to take quite a shine to him.

Check out BSB using “What Makes You Beautiful” below—the song starts at about 1:45 in.

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