Niall Horan Might Move to America for Demi Lovato

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Niall Horan is so desperate to win Demi Lovato’s heart that he might move to America to focus on wooing her.

The two pop stars have denied that they’re dating over and over again, but they also haven’t been afraid to admit that they have crushes on each other. They’ve also admitted that they’re friends who like to keep in touch via Skype.

However, apparently poor Niall is growing impatient with Demi’s reluctance to become his girlfriend. According to Entertainmentwise, here’s what a source said about the One Direction singer’s feelings for The X Factor judge:

“Niall finds the distance between them really hard.

It’s part of the reason why they’ve tried to keep things casual, but they can’t deny their feelings anymore and Niall says he’ll do whatever it takes to make Demi his official girlfriend.

They speak on the phone every day and have talked about Demi going to Ireland in the New Year to meet his family.”

Whisking Demi Lovato away to Ireland might be the perfect way for Niall Horan to win her over. Ireland can be a pretty romantic place, and by introducing Demi to his family, Niall is letting her know just how serious his feelings for her are.

However, Demi has said that she wants to remain single for a while because she wants to focus on herself. It’s not hard to see why Demi for wants to take a break from having to worry about a second person in her life—she probably needs a little alone time to unwind after spending time in rehab, battling an eating disorder, and starting a new job.

Unfortunately for Niall, he could face a little competition for Demi’s heart if he does move to America. Demi has been spotted out with her ex Wilmer Valderrama, whose long list of celebrity conquests is proof that he has a way with the ladies. So while she might not be dating anyone right now, it looks like Demi is keeping her options open so she can jump right into a relationship when she feels that she’s ready for romance.

Niall needs to be careful about pursuing Demi. If he comes off as being too desperate, this might turn Demi off. He could also scare her away by trying to move too fast when she wants to take things really slow.

Simon Cowell might be a little perturbed about Wilmer Valderrama ruining a relationship made in X Factor heaven, but at least he has another X Factor couple to root for in Niall’s One Direction band mate Liam Payne and the lovely Leona Lewis.

So which couple can you see officially dating first: Demi and Niall or Leona Lewis and Liam Payne?

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