Niall Horan, One Direction, Get Awesome Gifts in Australia! What Are They?

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Niall Horan and the guys from One Direction received a couple of pretty cool gifts as they were in Sydney, Australia today as part of their tour. So, what did the boys from the UK get?

“Amazing gift from sony australia today, thank you for all your help ,and u guys for gettin it to #1, (sic)” tweeted Niall, with an attached photo of some pretty awesome surfboards. It makes you wonder how the guys are going to get these things back through customs, though there is probably not much use for them back in the UK anyway. May be Niall Horan and the One Direction guys will just have them shipped or even store them there for the next time they are in Australia so they can take up surfing.

Of course this wasn’t all that Niall Horan and One Direction received today during their visit in Sydney. They also received a pretty awesome, homemade scrap-book. Talk about a gift that you will cherish for a lifetime. From the looks of things, Niall and the rest of One Direction are really making out well with the swag ‘down under.’

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