Niall Horan: One Direction Star Has Perfect Date Idea!

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Niall Horan would like to take a date to an amusement park. The 1D star, in recent interview, talked about what the perfect first date would look like. As Niall puts it, his idea of a good time is a bit “cheesy.”

“I can be quite cheesy,” claims the One Direction star in a recent interview. “My ideal first date would be to do something fun and a bit crazy, like go to a theme park.”

Clearly, Horan isn’t exactly the dinner and a movie type. He goes on to talk about what he would do with/to his date while they were in the amusement park, including giving her “lots of cuddles.”

Can you see it now, Niall Horan trying to “cuddle” up with a girl on their first date while riding “It’s a Small World?” He claims the cuddling in an amusement park is not nearly as awkward as, say, going out to dinner.

Is it possible that Horan would rather be out in a big crowd where tons of people would recognize him and not in a quiet restaurant where he would have to actually focus on his date?

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