Niall Horan Reveals His Love for Demi Lovato (Video)

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Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction recently played a game that reveals just how hard Niall is crushing on Demi Lovato, and it also revealed some of the other guys’ celebrity crushes.

On etalk they were shown photos of celebrities and asked to write down the member of the band who would be most likely to start dating them.

Danielle Peazer might not be too happy with some of Liam Payne’s choices—when photos were held up of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, he wrote down, “Me!” So obviously he’s got a thing for girls with a little junk in the trunk.

Harry Styles unsurprisingly chose himself for Rihanna, while jokester Liam wrote down “Zayn or Drake.” Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik tried to be better boyfriends than Liam Payne by not choosing themselves for any of the celebrities, but Louis did try to draw a pair of breasts on his board at one point. Unfortunately they turned out looking wonkier than Victoria Beckham’s implants.

However, what happened when Demi Lovato’s photo was held up is what fans will be most interested in. Niall Horan chose himself, adding “100%” along with his name. Louis Tomlinson did the same thing, chuckling as soon as Demi’s photo was held up because it was so obvious whose name he was going to write down. All the guys chose Niall, with the exception of Harry. Instead of writing down a name on his board, he scribbled, “Niall dreams dirty things.”

So it should be pretty obvious now that Niall Horan is crushing hard on Demi Lovato—all of his band mates are obviously very aware of his feelings for her. She’s also admitted that she has a thing for Niall and has said that she wants to collaborate with One Direction, which could certainly happen now since she and the band both work for Simon Cowell now.

So sound off on if you think that Niall and Demi should start dating in the comments, and check out the guys playing “Romance Rapid Fire” below. It’s rather hilarious how Louis keeps trying to take control of the game by instructing his band mates on how to play it right, but eventually he seems to just give up and starts drawing boobs.

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