Niall Horan Shares Photos from Olympics Boxing Match

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When One Direction’s Niall Horan woke up on Sunday, he thought there was no possibility he would be able to attend the Olympics’ boxing match, a match he wanted to see more than anything in the world (at that particular moment, at least). In the end, Niall and his buddy were able to procure a couple of tickets to the boxing match, and the Irish One Direction member excitedly shared a couple of photos from the stadium.

Niall tweeted, “Meself and @williedevine at the boxing! #mullingarboysdontstop” and “The ring where @johnjoenevin smashed the face off that dude tonight! #mullingarboysdontstop

“That dude” was Oscar Valdez Fierro of Mexico. John Joe Nevin of Ireland won the men’s quarterfinal 19-13 on Sunday.

There is no doubt that Niall Horan enjoys the boxing. Niall also gave a special shout out to Ireland’s female boxer, Katie Taylor, who crushed Great Britain’s Natasha Jonas 26-15 in the women’s lightweight fight on Monday.

Niall Horan tweeted, “26-15 Katie Taylor you are a legend! Irish boxing is on fire.”

The Olympic games are always so much fun to watch, whether you are at the stadium or even if you are at home watching it all on television. From reading Niall’s tweets, one just can’t help but be excited for him that he was able to attend the match after all.

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