Niall Horan Wanted a Butt Tattoo

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Niall Horan went to a tattoo parlor in L.A. with hopes of getting inked just like his One Direction band mates Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, but he was told that he couldn’t get a bit of body art on his butt.

Poor Niall just wanted to pay tribute to his home country of Ireland, but he wasn’t planning on getting a shamrock tramp stamp right above his butt crack—the tattoo he wanted was much worse. According to OK! Magazine, here is what Niall told The Sun about his ink:

“I decided to get Made In Ireland in green on my a**e cheek and I went to the place in L.A. where they do it. Me and the boys went in and they said they wouldn’t do it. They said, ‘The skin on your a**e is too squidgy. It needs to be tight.’ I suspect they actually did me a favour. It wasn’t the best idea in the world.”

Poor Niall Horan! Hopefully that mean ol’ tattoo artist didn’t body shame the singer into deciding to go on a Hollywood starlet-style diet of nothing but lemon water and cabbage—it would be a travesty if he had to give up his beloved Nando’s. But he is right that his tattoo idea was pretty terrible, so there’s no need for him to do squats and lunges in hopes of creating a tighter canvas for a tattoo artist to work with.

And who would Niall show his bum tattoo to anyway? Would he start mooning Directioners to show off the wobbly words? Perhaps he thought that getting inked would impress his celebrity crush Demi Lovato—she has proved that she has a thing for bad boys by dating Wilmer Valderrama.

Maybe Niall should take a page from Zayn Malik and Harry Styles by getting his arm or chest inked if he ever decides to try to get a tattoo again. And who knows? Maybe his first tat will be a heart with Demi Lovato’s name in it.

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