Niall Horan Wants to Dye His Hair: Will the Change Impress Demi Lovato?

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Niall Horan’s blonde hair might be part of what makes him beautiful to One Direction fans, but he’s hoping they’ll love him just as much without his platinum locks—that’s right, Niall wants to turn to the dark side.

Actually the only Irish member of 1D would be returning to the dark side since he’s been dying his hair blonde for quite some time now—according to Niall, his natural hair color is actually nearly black.

It’s hard not to blame Niall for wanting to stop bleaching his hair—it takes a lot of time, and as Lady Gaga has found out, doing it too much can make your hair break off and fall out. But would Directioners embrace a dark-haired Niall?

Perhaps fans are not who Niall Horan is worried about impressing—maybe the singer is hoping that a head of dark hair will impress his crush Demi Lovato. After all, she seems to have a thing for brunette guys after dating Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama.

But hopefully Niall doesn’t feel the need to change his look to win Demi Lovato’s heart—she’s got to love him just the way he is in order for them to develop a healthy relationship.

According to NOW Magazine, Simon Cowell has told Niall that he can’t go back to having dark hair, but fans who want Niall to stay blonde shouldn’t get too excited since One Direction has said that they are allowed to change their ‘dos if they want to in previous interviews.

So if Niall Horan becomes a brunette babe, does that mean that one of the other members of the band will go blonde? Zayn Malik could always bleach his hair so that he and girlfriend Perrie Edwards can be Twinkies (don’t worry, Directioners—he expresses himself through his tattoos, not by doing crazy things to his coif).

Before buying a box of black hair dye, perhaps Niall should have a little fun with his hair. As Katy Perry has demonstrated, it’s easy to dye blonde hair bright colors like purple, blue, and pink. Or perhaps Niall could celebrate his Irish roots by going green.

So what do you think—should Niall change his hair color?

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