Niall Horan’s Purple Hair?! Photo is Up!

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Oh my, oh my, oh my… wow! Niall Horan had a hair appointment earlier today at Bleach London—and so did Harry Styles! It seems that, during their time off from One Direction, the guys decided to have some male bonding time and both went to the hair salon.

Directioners are still waiting (and are scared!) to see what Harry Styles has had done to his mop of curly brown hair, but now we have an idea of what Niall Horan has done. Niall seems to be embracing his inner Katy Perry and has opted for purple hair. Whoa!

Actually, you all can relax—the purple is actually just the dye and the chemical reaction. When it washes out, Niall will be the blonde boy Directioners fell in love with.

Niall’s hair stylist was kind enough to post some updates and a photo on Twitter for Directioners to see.

Bleach London tweeted: “Just doing some funki highlights for <s>@</s>NiallOfficial”

One Directioner got a bit concerned and commented that they hoped they wouldn’t make Niall look too gay.

The Instagram photo is super cute and really brings the color out in Niall Horan’s eyes. Niall said what a fun time he had getting his hair done today.

What would your reaction be if Niall really dyed his hair purple? Would you love to see that, or do you think you’d hate it? What do you think Harry Styles is doing to his hair?

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