Niall Horan’s Twitter Fans Obey His Request; Followers Bombard His Best Friend

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One Direction’s Niall Horan just found out that being a star yields great power. Niall took to his Twitter account and asked his fans to follow his best friend, David Lynch, whom had just signed onto Twitter. Within an hour, the account was bombarded with followers. Here’s the kicker, David has yet to upload a photo or even send out a tweet.

Music - Pop Posters: One Direction - Niall - 35.7x23.8 inchesYesterday, Horan tweeted, “my best friend @David93Lynch just got twitter …follow him”

An hour later, he added, “wow….holy god….you guys are crazy! @david93lynch has 15000 followers.. powerful stuff”

Now, 22 hours later, Lynch’s account is up to 38,000 followers! That’s pretty amazing. The young singer wanted his friend to have a warm welcome and man, did he accomplish that!

Just like with Spiderman, Niall Horan needs to remember that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Fortunately, Horan is only using his teenage pop powers for tweeting purposes and not to destroy the world.

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