Nick Cannon Spills the Beans – Mariah Carey Pregnant With One Baby, Not Twins

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Well, Mariah may be playing her coy media game and not talking, but hubby Nick Cannon is coming clean on the twin rumor.

The whole rumor flared up over Mariah’s referring to her child as a “they.” Like wildfire the rumor mill went to town screaming that Mariah was now expecting twins and that the singer slipped up and admitted it herself by saying ‘they’.

Mariah Carey attends the 12th annual Keepers Of The Dream Awards at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers in New York City, New York on April 15, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Well, the truth is that Mariah is in fact not carrying twins, and Dad Nick Cannon has confirmed this. In a report by Us Weekly, Cannon explains that the rumor began when Carey said . “Something like, ‘I hope they don’t hate Christmas,” but she was using the word ‘they’ as in, like, he and she.”.

This is exactly what we figured the case was. We have done the same thing ourselves in an effort to avoid calling the child an “it.” We also suspect that anyone out there that’s had a child already basically knew this was likely the situation with Carey and Canon’s pregnancy as well.

Nick went on to add that they do not know the baby’s gender at this moment. He hasn’t indicated if they are looking to find out or have it be a surprise at birth, nor has he indicated if they will play the media game or announce the gender to the media.

Well, at least one of the parents is grown up enough not to play boring and irritating games with the media. Seriously, Mariah what the heck is up with all the fake secrets and supposed mysteries?

Either way we do wish them well and that their bundle of joy – be it pink or blue wrapped – arrives safely this spring.

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