Nick Cannon Talks About the Twins, Mariah and Nursery Colors

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Nick Cannon has started to open up a bit more and talk about the twins that he and wife Mariah Carey are expecting.

In an interview with Radar Online, Nick spoke in depth about how Mariah is handling the extra pressure from carrying around not one, but two precious little babies.

“She’s holding up beautifully. To see this strength! It’s a different type of strength to carry around two babies,” Cannon says. “She’s not even concerned with her aches and pains which I’m sure are great. She’s so nurturing right now. It’s wonderful. It’s amazing to see.”

You’d think that it would be a feat of great strength to carry them both to term, and it likely is. It seems that despite that, Mariah is taking it in stride and enjoying every moment of knowing that her children are healthy and growing more and more every day.

In addition to the physical strength that his wife has displayed, he’s pretty impressed by her mental strength to avoid overeating. Pregnancy is often seen as a time where one doesn’t have to worry about what they eat, or rather, how much is eaten, but Mariah has come up with a perfect plan that curbs her craving to overeat. However, it might not work as well on Nick as it does her.

“I think she’s figured out brilliantly that when she craves stuff she doesn’t necessarily have to eat it,” Cannon says. “When she cooks, she cooks everything from scratch and then the cravings go away. So I get stuck with eating all the food. I’ll be gaining weight during this pregnancy.”

Well, Nick wouldn’t be the first husband with a pregnant wife to gain excess weight. As long as everyone is healthy and happy, the rest can be handled after the babies are born. After all you’d think that running after two newborns would slim you down quite quickly.

The couple are still mum on the twin’s gender, but they have chosen the color for their nursery. Sorry, folks, there’s no hints here on the babies’ genders, though.

“Last night we went nursery and furniture shopping,” he told Radar Online. “They’re going to have a very interesting layout. We picked a lot of colors and one of the main colors is green.”

Interesting layouts sound fun, and green is a wonderfully organic and relaxing shade to choose for a nursery. Wonder if this was because they got one of each on the way or if they are just trying to avoid the pink and blue nursery themes that so many expecting parents tend to go with.

It’s clear that both Nick and Mariah are over the moon about welcoming their two beautiful babies into the world. It’s also clear that they both have adjusted well to the changes that they are going to be bringing into their lives. Hopefully the remainder of the pregnancy goes by smoothly and they are holding their children very, very soon.

What do you think? Are they handling things well? What about the gender of the twins? What do you think they’ll be having? Weigh in below.

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