NIck Jonas Admits He Can’t Read Sheet Music

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Nick Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers, was a guest at a Grammy Camp panel to talk with high school kids looking to have a career in music. Sharing his insight on music careers, the highly knowledgeable entertainer gave extraordinary insight on being on the road, performing on stage and even the behind the scene aspects to being part of the business. However, one point most shocking to hear is that Nick Jonas can’t read sheet music.

The startling revelation might not have been the best to share at the Grammy Camp as the 100 plus high school students were looking at the aspects of the music business and have studied diligently every part of the business. Taking into account the audience’s background, as they had to compete to get into the program, it is safe to say these kids definitely know how to read sheet music.

The response from the social media is mixed, but the fans of the Jonas Brothers band member doesn’t seem to mind. The revelation is far more shocking to those in the music business who insist on having a solid foundation for performance careers.

Yet, the musical success of acts over the years proves that good talent isn’t always about going to school and learning how to read music. Nick Jonas was homeschooled from third grade on and learned music by playing instead of by performing music already composed. Other entertainers have the same gift including Mariah Carey and Paul McCartney.

Perhaps Nick Jonas shared the most valuable lesson of the entire Grammy Camp. Not only must you have talent, you must be willing to believe in yourself to go on stage. Recognizing there is a real difference to being a rock star rather than showing up for a chair in the orchestra is a message each of these high school students got first-hand.

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