Nick Jonas’ Miley Cyrus Inspired Song, ‘Wedding Bells’ Angers Liam Hemsworth

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Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus was the inspiration for Nick Jonas’ new song, “Wedding Bells.” Whether the rumor is true of not, it’s causing friction between La Cyrus and her Hunger Games fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. The “Party in the U.S.A.” singer apparently likes the song. Her fiancé reportedly not so much. And while Miley is said to be flattered that her ex’s song may be about her, her man is, once again, not so much. In fact, inside sources give the impression Liam is miffed. Actually, he may be mad as hell.

“Liam, I know he’s not too thrilled with the song and I know he doesn’t like it,” reveals a source. “Not that he doesn’t like them as artists or anything, he just doesn’t like the song. He’s not a fan of the song and I don’t blame him one bit.” And what about Miley? How does she feel about “Wedding Bells?” The song–not the real thing. “She’s heard their new song but doesn’t think it’s about her,” the source explains. “It could be though. You never know and there could be some feelings there from Nick but I know totally not from Miley. She thinks it’s a sweet song and she likes it but whether it’s about her, who knows?”

Perhaps a more important question would be: “How does Miley Cyrus feel about the way Liam Hemsworth feels about the song?” Liam seems convinced the song is all about his lady-love. Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel such antipathy towards it. Interestingly, the fans seem to be on Team Liam for this one. In one of Hollywood Life’s famous polls, a huge 73.08 percent majority thought “Nick’s song is about Miley.” No one was undecided. What do you think?

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