Nick Jonas on the Cover of VMAN Magazine [photos]

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Nick Jonas poses for the cover of VMAN Magazine, photos were taken by Mario Testino.  The newly solo act is making his rounds across the United States as Nick Jonas and The Administration.  He has been breaking young girls hearts cross-country.  Some people thought the youngest of the Jonas Brothers would never be able to do it without his two older brothers, but I have to tell you, the kid is thriving.

What many people do not know is that this 17-year-old kid, athough not the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers, was the mastermind behind the group, the song-writer, the image-maker, the brains.  It is no wonder Nick Jonas was able to step into his own spotlight and shine.  Nick Jonas grew up with a father who is former evangelical preacher and lifelong musician whose passion in life was to combine to two.  Nick Jonas says in his VMAN interview (upcoming issue) that on family road trips his father would have the Jonas clan analyzing melodies, choruses, and hooks.  “My real musical discovery started when I was 10 with Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5, and acts that I connected with because they were young when they were doing it, like me,” says Nick.  “Then I kind of came into my own a couple of years later, I found new artists that shaped my musical landscape. For instance, Kings of Leon played a big part in that.”  What a really down-to-earth guy.

Here is a peek at one of Nick Jonas’s photos from the VMAN shoot.  The issue comes out next month.

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