Nick Jonas Praises Demi Lovato’s Song

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Demi Lovato’s new song Skyscraper is being praised by Nick Jonas! Given that her relationship with Nick’s brother Joe has been strained – to say the least – this is an interesting story.
“It’s a great song. She played it for me a while ago. It’s great,” said the ever-charming JoBro. The fact of the matter is that the song is great, and it does not matter who Demi broke up with – there really isn’t any denying it. That said, some people actually don’t like the song because of its overly poppy and repetitive chorus. While the song may not be music to your ears, it’s the lyrics that are the most powerful.

Lovato has been called “brave” for putting her heart and soul in to this song and releasing it. She really put herself out there and overall the feedback has been very positive. Heck, even her ex-boyfriends brother things it’s “great!” That must mean something!

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