Nick “Skyler” Schuyler Not Without Hope On Oprah [VIDEO]

Nick Schuyler will be on Oprah talking about his ordeal this afternoon.

Almost one year ago, Nick Schuyler, also known as Nick Skyler, was in a boat with four men. The four shoved off intent on spending relaxing Saturday deep-sea fishing. They were fishing about 75 miles off the coast of Clearwater, Fla.

All four men were athletes who were in their prime. They were good friends.

Two days after they were supposed to come home, three of the four men were dead leaving Nick Schuyler as the sole survivor.

Schuyler’s book “Not Without Hope” comes out today. His is book, Schuyler writes that to make it through the difficult year, he hung on past endurance.

This is the way I remember it. If I get some things wrong, it is due to the frailties of memory and the horror of what I experienced, not any intention to amend or deceive. This is what I recall after being in the water for forty-three hours, frigid and aching and scared, so hungry and thirsty that I felt I was eating my teeth. This is the best I can do after having three friends die, two of them in my arms.

Schuyler has had to deal with survivor’s guilt. However, Nick Skyler is the only one left who can tell the story. He wrote the book because he felt he owed it to the families and friends of those who died. 

Schuyler wrote his book with the help of sports reporter Jere Longman. It is a compelling memoir. The accident is described in stunning detail.

Be sure to watch more of Nick Schuyler incredible survivor story on Oprah this afternoon.

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