Nick Stokes Stabbed by Black Motorcycle Gang; Police Tell Victim ‘Don’t Mess’ with the Outcast Gang

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Nick Stokes was driving his truck with his neighbour in Alabama when he was pulled out of his car by a black motorcycle gang, the Outcasts, and stabbed for spraying gravel. As if that was not bad enough, what happened next was a travesty. The local police, according to Mr. Stokes, told him that “they don’t mess with the Outcast gang and their members.” Then in a double injustice, the local news stated that the incident was not “newsworthy” enough to report.

Really? A man gets pulled out of his truck by a motorcycle gang, stabbed in broad daylight, and told by police that they “don’t mess” with a group of thugs? And the event is not “newsworthy”?

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In an interview with Scott Boyd of the Macon Beacon (a weekly paper with no website, but has been posted online by PJMedia), Stokes described a truly frightening event that has been all but swept under the rug.

A Terrifying Incident

As Stokes was driving with his passenger, a motorcycle stopped in the middle of the road, forcing Stokes to stop. A man got off the motorcycle and approached the vehicle, hitting the rear passenger window with his fist, Nick, seeking to avoid conflict, pulled out around the parked motorcycle. The man tried to jump onto Nick’s vehicle and fell off. When Nick saw the man on the road in his rear view mirror, he stopped and started to get out of his car to help the man, when a woman pulled up next to him and said, “You better get out of here—they’ve got guns.”

Nick looked down the road and saw 30 to 40 motorcycles heading his way. He jumped back in the truck and took off, but was immediately surrounded by the motorcycle gang, all with black bandanas covering the lower part of their faces. Imagine how terrifying this must have been!

Once he stopped at an intersection, the gang “forced him out of the truck and commenced their revenge attack.” He said, “After I saw the knife and then felt the stabbings I fell to the ground and played dead — I think that may have saved my life.”

Johnathan Cooper, the passenger, called 911; when a member of the gang saw him on his mobile phone and told him to put the phone down, “That’s when I thought I would be next,” he said. Seconds after hitting the ground from being stabbed, Stokes heard the oncoming sirens.

The group of thugs simply got on their bikes and drove away. Not a gang member was detained or even questioned.

“Stokes said he didn’t do anything to provoke the attack. No cursing, no obscene gestures. Just loose gravel.”

The Terrifying Aftermath

Stokes was lucky to only need 15 stitches for the two stab wounds. Once out of the hospital, the police told him that “there was really nothing they could do, that it would be almost impossible to identify the knife-wielding suspect. They indicated to me that they don’t mess with the Outcast gang and their members.”

The police also advised Nick to not push the issue, as the gang could target him.

Imagine, after being stabbed, the double indignity of being told by police that there was nothing they could do, even though, in the police report, they identified the biker who blocked Stokes as “Ladarrious Clay” and that Clay “handed off his pistols to a fellow biker before the police and ambulance arrived.”

If the police know that Clay was the main instigator of this and they know he handed off “pistols” (more than one??) to a fellow biker, how could they not make an arrest? An arrest needs to be made.

Scott Boyd of the Mason Beacon contacted the Birmingham News only to be told that the story was “not newsworthy,” according to a Selwyn Duke of The American Thinker, whose article on the incident seemed to finally prompt Carol Robinson of the Birmingham News to do a piece on the event. However, the article is dripping with resentment and shockingly even targets the American Thinker article, saying, “Conservative bloggers have claimed the incident was a black-on-white hate crime, but Adamsville police say it appeared to be road rage.”

She further reported that Adamsville Police Chief Bob Carter stated that the “idea that nobody is doing anything is ‘ridiculous.'” No mention was made that police told Stokes, “We don’t mess with those Outcast guys.”

Once the story started to get angry comments, managing editor Chuck Clark said that the BN “had not purposely ignored the story,” even though Robinson was tipped off a full week before and clearly stated to Boyd that the event was not newsworthy.

This experience will stay with Stokes and Cooper for the rest of their lives. Are the police seeking testimony from the woman who pulled up to warn Stokes? Have they questioned Ladarrious Clay? Will Nick Stokes get justice for being pulled out of his car and stabbed in broad daylight?

This story has not been reported by the mainstream media.

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