Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Already Fighting on ‘American Idol’

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Word has it that new judge, Nicki Minaj, and reigning diva, Mariah Carey, are already embroiled in an American Idol battle. Can that be true so soon after the new judges got announced?

Apparently so. Rumor has that the two women started trying to take each other down during the first day of the show’s taping. That happened this past weekend.

Those in attendance say Mariah constantly interrupted Nicki as she attempted to critique would-be contestants. To get back at Mariah’s rudeness, Nicki would raise her voice and talked over the other female judge. Reports are clear. The two women don’t like one another and apparently nothing is going to change that. It’s becoming the battle of the dueling divas.

To be fair, Mariah made it clear right from the beginning that she wouldn’t be happy if Nicki Minaj joined her at the judging table. She said there was only room for one diva at the table. It looks as though she got it right.

Now it seems the real Idol news won’t have anything to do with the show’s contestants. It will be all about the judges and their inability to get along. What was the flagging show thinking? They may just have sounded their own death knell because viewers don’t tune in to watch the judges fight. They tune in for the talent. If that gets overshadowed, then why should they bother to flip that dial?

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