Nicki Minaj Becomes Lil Wayne After Teasing that She Would be Him for Halloween

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Nicki Minaj transformed herself into the female version of Lil Wayne for Birdman’s “Y. U. Mad” music video after previously saying that she might dress up in a Weezy costume for Halloween.

So was Nicki inspired to dress up like a guy after seeing Lady Gaga’s male alter ego Jo Calderone? It’s possible, but her new male character isn’t exactly like Gaga’s — Mama Monster really tried hard to look like a guy by not wearing makeup and trying to look as un-feminine as possible, while Nicki’s new alter ego is a feminized version of Weezy.

Late last month she said that she might dress up in a Lil Wayne costume for Halloween, but it seems that Nicki Minaj loved the idea too much to wait until then. She recently introduced herself as Lil Wayne during an interview on the set of the music video for Birdman’s single “Y.U. Mad,” but she looked much prettier than her pal.

Nicki sported a head of blonde dreadlocks dip-dyed light pink at the ends, a white wifebeater, some silver chains, and a pair of camo pants. She didn’t try to hide her curves, and she still sported a face full of makeup. Harajuku Barbie gave the interview below doing her best impression of Weezy by looking disinterested and talking about Tupac and Drake. She’s actually pretty good at pulling off Lil Wayne’s personality, which might have something to do with all the practice she’s had transforming into her various alter egos.

Birdman revealed that Nicki actually gave him the song “Y.U. Mad,” which will be featured on his Nov. 21 album ‘Bigga Than Life.’ He immediately got Weezy on board, but he probably wasn’t expecting to have two of him appearing in the song’s music video.

It will be interesting to see if Nicki Minaj still decides to dress up in a Lil Wayne costume for Halloween. Now that she’s already been there, done that, surely she’ll come up with something even crazier.

Check out Nicki’s impersonation of Lil Wayne below. Do you think she pulls it off? And would you dress up like the female version of Weezy for Halloween?

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