Nicki Minaj Buys Lil Wayne a T-Rex: Is She Messing with His Stick Shift?

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Nicki Minaj went all out for Lil Wayne’s birthday. It was her mentor’s 30th, so it deserved something extra special—but what she got for him was off the charts.

For the celebration, Nicki bought the Young Money rapper a cherry red Campagna T-Rex. Like it’s new owner, the new car (technically a motorcycle) is super small: It’s got three wheels, two seats, and is only 1,040 pounds; now compare that to your average car that’s a few thousand pounds. But more importantly, it’s lightening fast—the T-Rex can go as fast as 150mph, and it’s likely the Weezy will test that out at some point!

How much did Nicki Minaj drop on Lil Wayne’s gift? It’s rumored she spent $70,000! While this vehicle typically retails at $50,000, the “Pink Friday” rapper put some extra special touches on it, just for her friend, one of which is “Nicki Loves Tunechi” painted on the back.

Something smells fishy here—who does that for someone of the opposite sex that they’re “just friends” with? Nicki’s gift is a very public display of her affections for her boss. Everytime he rides it, everyone will know just who bought it for him. For Wayne to let another chic ride beside him in the small two-seater would just be…awkward.

What gives with these two? Is she just being extremely generous, or is Nicki messing with Wayne’s stick shift?

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