Nicki Minaj Deletes Twitter Account After Barbz Revolt

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Nicki Minaj has decided if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say, or in this case, tweet, anything at all. The “Starships” singer has deleted her Twitter account, but nobody is entirely sure why. It could be the backlash she suffered after her interview with Nightline aired or the negative comments she was inundated with after she blocked a site dedicated to her.

The outspoken singer had managed to rack up more than 11 million followers before she decided to close her account on Sunday, April 15. She recently blocked a fan site, NickiDaily, after they posted leaked music. In fact, NickiDaily started the whole deleted Twitter account trend. After the site was blocked, they deleted their account and closed down the site dedicated to Nicki.

She was obviously furious and struck back the only way she could at her followers who were criticizing her for blocking the fan site. On Saturday, she expressed her frustration with some of her Barbz and promised to “follow a new set of Barbz.” Nicki fired back at the site and the fans who were criticizing her before she shut down her own Twitter account. Her last message, “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f***ing bye.”

Shortly after her account went dark, “NickiComeBack” began trending on the social networking site. Clearly, Nicki Minaj was not happy to see her loyal fans support the fan site. One of the site operators has received an outpouring of sympathy from Twitter users who are baffled by Nicki’s actions.

Nicki may just need to cool off for a bit. Twitter has a 30-day reinstatement policy, which it sounds like NickiDaily may be taking advantage of. Don’t fret yet, Nicki knows the value of social-networking and will most likely be back.

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