Nicki Minaj Dissed, Called A ‘Cheater’ By Veteran Rapper

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Nicki Minaj may be at the top of the feeding chain in the hip hop world but apparently not everyone is fan of the eccentric YMCMB rapper.

Everyone who listens to the radio has heard at least one of Nicki’s songs, and while they’re definitely catchy and fun to listen to, it seems as though other rappers don’t like the finished product as much as fans.

Veteran rapper DMX, who is coming out with his first album in six years soon, spoke with Global Grind and said a few things about Nicki that weren’t so nice.

“I don’t really listen to her. I tolerate it, if it happens to come on the radio or if her music is in somebody’s car playing, but when she’s like ‘Waikikiiiiiiiiiiiii,’ I’m like ‘there’s no f*cking way I’m ever going to listen to this b*tch again under no circumstances.’ That was disrespectful. She stole two bars with one word. If that’s not cheating, I don’t know what is,” DMX explained.

Apparently, DMX isn’t a fan of Nicki Minaj and probably never will be by the sounds of it!

Do you agree with him though? Do you see her as disrespectful or a cheater?

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