Nicki Minaj Fashion at the MTV VMAs 2012: More Toned Down Than Usual?

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Nicki Minaj showed up for the MTV VMAs looking like a rock star of another nature than she did earlier this year at the Grammys when she effected the appearance of Little Red Riding Hood on the arm of the Pope. Or at least that’s what she seemed to be doing.

However, this time out on the red carpet was a much different story. As this wild and crazy talent graced the red carpet in front of Los Angeles’ storied Staples Center, Minaj strutted down the pathway donning a body hugging lace bodysuit decorated in red sequins and wearing sky-high stilettos enhanced by a series of spikes.

Meanwhile, on her head was (hopefully) a short and curly wig in screaming yellow with streaks of pink and topped by a beaded police officer’s hat.

So was Nick Minaj toned down for this year’s MTV VMAs 2012 as opposed to earlier this year at the Grammys? Probably not. In fact, she was a lot more on show since she was not shrouded in a hood as she took the walk down the big event’s sartorial runway.

That said, no doubt some worst dressed lists will include this singer, but what do you think? Did Minaj rock it or should she have been a little less flamboyant for this particular awards show? Thoughts? Thanks.

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