Nicki Minaj Gives Lil Wayne a Big Booty Lap Dance

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Although Nicki Minaj isn’t pregnant by Lil Wayne (or Drake for that matter), the bountifully beautiful and creatively bewigged rap star is obviously on very good terms with her old friend and mentor. She demonstrated her admiration for and appreciation of Lil Wayne during their concert last night in New York. 

According to TMZ, “Nicki Minaj must be a magician… because she made Lil Wayne’s entire head disappear…” While “Her Minajesty” is indeed a lady of many talents, a prestidigitator she is not. She is, however, an extremely bountifully endowed woman, both above and below the waist. It’s the latter part of her anatomy that took center stage with Lil Wayne and the audience at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum when she surprised the delighted Lil Wayne with a hot bumping, grinding lap dance. 

“You got three rules,” Minaj explained as she approached Weezy, “Legs open, hands behind your back, mouth shut.”

Then, clad in a pink and purple empire-style wig, a white bustier top, and a pair of skin-tight hot pink and white tights, Nicki climbed on board his lap for a “badonka-licious” lap dance. As you can see in the video on the TMZ website, Lil Wayne’s head did indeed seem to disappear.

Maybe Nicki Minaj is a magician after all.

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