Nicki Minaj Grammy’s Performance: A Work of The Illuminati?

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The weird Nicki Minaj Grammy performance has been called everything from strange to offensive, but was it also Satanic or an initiation into the Illuminati?

Apparently, some people believe that Nicki’s Catholic/Exorcism performance was a work of the devil or at least a Satanic message. It was pretty creepy, so it’s easy to see why people might think that.

First she comes out with the Pope, then she has an exorcism performed on herself and it’s definitely not a coincidence that she named the song “Roman Holiday” — as in spending some time in Rome, where the head of the Catholic church is.

Media Take Out is saying that the performance reeked of the Illuminati and 666 symbolism, which is really eery. You have to admit, her performance was enough to give you nightmares and it wasn’t even as if she sang through most of it. It was all pre-recorded.

Do you think Nicki Minaj was a disgrace to music at the Grammy’s? Was she taking part in an Illuminati initiation?

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