Nicki Minaj Has Nip Slip on ‘Good Morning America’

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On November 19, Nicki Minaj had yet another embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. That’s really not all that unusual for the sexy American Idol judgette who proved at the AMAs that she is not only a rapstress extraordinaire but also Justin Bieber’s favorite dance partner. Seriously, his favorite. Anyhow, the really embarrassing thing about La Minaj’s latest nip slip is that it happened on Good Morning America. That’s right. Nicki’s boob made an impromptu breast–er–guest appearance on live T.V.

The nip slip occurred when Nicki AKA, Mariah Carey’s nemesis, was promoting her new album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up.” As Nicki prattled on about her new opus, “her left breast jumped out of her jeweled-out bra – on live television letting it all hang out for everyone to see.”


Despite the unwanted overexposure, Minaj remained calm. And why shouldn’t she? It’s not like this was the first time the world had seen her boob up close and personal via GMA. The hip hop hit maker had a similar mishap mid-performance on Good Morning America last year. Furthermore, last month, in a performance at U.K.’s Manchester Arena, her rebellious boobs made a break for it, but their attempt to steal the spotlight was foiled by the pair of pasties Nicki had wisely donned beneath her “tight black bustier.” Like a consummate performer and mature adult, Nicki Minaj was nonplussed, calling out to the crowd: “You guys have seen my boobs before. You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

Well said. How refreshing to see a star who has a mature non-hysterical attitude towards nudity and human sexuality instead of the knee jerk reactions of a Parents’ Television Council prude or a junior high school frat boy.

You go, Nicki, girl.

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