Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, American Idol Outed for Their BS by Idol Insider

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Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey may be killing American Idol and it’s chances of making a comeback after video footage of their fake fight hit gossip sites.

Apparently, the consensus is that the two dueling Diva’s aren’t really at war but were made to look that way to boost ratings and interest in the flailing show.

Once the hottest reality show on television, Idol has been surpassed in recent years by The Voice, Dancing With The Stars and The X-Factor. It’s easy to see why producers would want to get people talking about American Idol—especially when both The Voice and X-Factor are airing right now.

However, they should have gone about promoting it a different way because everyone seems to be on to the fact that it’s all a ruse. Even former American Idol judge Stephen Tyler agrees—and he should know since he was once sitting in judges seat himself.

When asked by TMZ what if he thought the Nicki Minaj / Mariah Carey fight was staged, Tyler responded “Of course! You kidding me?”

Obviously, he doesn’t feel like his replacement on the show is doing a good job of acting out the “fake” fight!

Do you agree? Is the entire debacle all one big publicity stunt or is Nicki Minaj really that whacked out?

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