Nicki Minaj Obsesses Over The Children She’d Have With Drake

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Is Nicki Minaj high or does she just enjoy playing head games with the press?  When asked for the umpteenth time if she and Canadian-born actor Drake were a couple, the colorfully coiffed rap star replied: 

“I think (our children will) definitely have my personality.  My mother-in-law will be super beautiful, so that’s good ’cause Drake’s mom is freaking amazing. I love her. (Our kids will) have Drake’s intelligence. They’ll have his sarcastic wittiness that I love about him, and they’ll have his songwriting skills.  I think we’ll just make a real creative bunch of kids,”

Goodness.  That’s a very lengthy answer.  Not to mention an incredibly illuminating one.  According to Popeater however, after shining what seemed like a megawatt light on her relationship with Drake, Minaj suddenly pulled the plug. 

“Wait, did I just say that me and Drake will make kids?” she asked as if emerging from a trance.  “I think that would be like incest or something!”

Incest?  The woman obsesses at length about the children she’d have with a man she denies dating (despite evidence to the contrary) and then calls the idea of hooking up with him incest.  Now that everyone is thoroughly confused, there’s only one question:

Did Nicki Minaj buy Miley Cyrus’s discarded salvia bong?

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