Nicki Minaj’s Butt is Fake According to Coco

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Nicki Minaj definitely has plenty of competition when it comes to ladies with large backsides like herself. So is that why Ice-T’s wife Coco revealed that Nicki’s butt is fake?

Coco has a new reality show on E! called Ice Loves Coco, and she’s already got plenty of bootylicious competition on that network with Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson (who is actually a little delusional for believing that her derriere is big). So is she trying to take down another gal known for her big butt to draw attention to her new show (while not calling out any of her coworkers)?

nicki-minajAccording to Coco, she believes that Nicki Minaj has a fake booty because the rapper told her so. However, right after she said that she heard the truth straight from Nicki, she was quick to backtrack by saying that she really does know if it is fake or not. She then tried to explain Minaj’s bigger backside away by stating that stylists can do some amazing things (like pad her panties, perhaps).

Of course, Coco has had to deal with rumors that her butt is fake herself, so she probably should have been a friend to Nicki Minaj by refusing to talk about her fanny. It doesn’t seem that she meant anything malicious by her statement, however (Nicki Minaj has never really admitted or denied that her booty is fake).

This battle of the backsides is one celebrity feud that Sir Mix-a-Lot could definitely get behind, but Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Pippa Middleton better watch out lest the validity of their assets also comes under attack.

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