Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – Why US Surrogate for Baby?

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby girl born via a surrogate mother. Some people have wondered why the couple used a surrogate for the new baby. The reasons for that are not forthcoming. What has come to light is the coupleÂ’s reason for using a surrogate in the United States versus one in their home in Australia.

TMZ reports that the couple chose a US gestational carrier for privacy reasons. That may seem odd, especially since it seems that celebrities are hounded in the States.

In a strange twist, the frequency of celebrity surrogacy in the United States made the coupleÂ’s birth plans easier to hide here than in Australia.

According to the TMZ report, sources claim “that in Australia [Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban] live in a fishbowl and they can’t do anything on the down low.”

Basically Nicole and Keith wanted safety in numbers. This decision seems to have paid off. Nicole Kidman and her husband welcomed their new baby back in December, and the world only just found out.

What do you think of Nicole and KeithÂ’s decision to have an American-made baby, so to speak? Are you surprised they were able to keep the surrogacy under wraps?

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