Nicole Kidman Confesses to Botox Use, But Didn’t Like It

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Nicole Kidman, 43, finally admits she has used Botox. The Australian actress for years has denied doing any kind of artificial activity to prevent aging, preferring “working out and good nutrition,” but now she is telling all, says As suspected, she has used the injectable drug Botox. It’s a toxin, isn’t it? Takes guts.

In 2008, the British daily goes on, one cosmetic surgery expert told a medical conference that Miss Kidman was so “over-Botoxed” she was giving the industry a bad name. Still she denied that she was a user. “I am completely natural. I File:NicoleKidmanNov09.jpghave nothing in my face or anything.” Why does it seem to matter so much, that a celeb would lie? Do they think fans are simply stupid? Do they have a need to be superior to mere mortals, who age? Or is it that “forever young” thing—impossible in these days of instant information. A fan can stand on a street corner and say to a friend, “How old is Nicole Kidman, anyway?” A few clicks on a cell phone, and both have the answer. Not that 43 is ancient, after all.

At any rate, the Botox is out of the box now, and her wax-perfect forehead is no more. As Nicole Kidman told a German reporter, “I even tried Botox, but I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards. Now I don’t use it anymore, and I can move my forehead.”

From now on, fans will be watching. ThatÂ’s the way the world works. If Nicole KidmanÂ’s face goes back to looking like a wax dummy, everyone will know the reason why. ItÂ’s still ok, but honesty will be refreshing. Why lie? At the end of things, nobody really cares.

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