Nicole Kidman Denies Helping Kate Holmes With Her Divorce

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Despite a myriad of rumors to the contrary, actress Nicole Kidman denies helping Katie Holmes prepare for her divorce against Tom Cruise. In fact, Nicole says she never even talked to Holmes.

The 45-year-old mother of four said that she has a lot going in her life, but Katie was never a part of it. With all the good things Kidman said about her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, it seems she probably wouldn’t have gotten involve even if she’d been asked.

“…With Tom, it was a fantastic decade,” cooed Kidman to Who magazine. “I married really fast and really young,” she went on. “But I don’t regret that because it got me Bella and Connor,” her two kids with Cruise. “I did have a fantastic marriage for a long period,” the actress insisted. Nonetheless, she admits she went through some depression after the breakup.

Nicole Kidman married country-music star, Keith Urban, six years ago. The couple has two children of their own—Sunday Rose and Faith. Faith, however, was born via surrogate when Nicole couldn’t seem to get pregnant again. She says she tried a long time before Sunday Rose came along. She considers her daughter a kind of miracle, given that her pregnancy chances seemed low.

Kidman declined to weigh in on the Holmes/Cruise divorce. She simply said, “I was not involved in any of that.”

It’s a smart move on her part. Had she offered anything negative, some would have called it “sour grapes”. Had she said too much positive, others would have said she was trying to make Katie look bad. Nicole’s too smart and too much of a lady to sling mud. It just isn’t her style.

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