Nicole Kidman Did Not Fake Peeing on Zac Efron

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Nicole Kidman wants the Academy to know that she really did pee on Zac Efron in The Paperboy.

Their scene together was the talk of Cannes, stealing the press’ attention away from Kristen Stewart’s nude scenes in On the Road (if K-Stew wants to top Nicole next time around, she might want to consider trying to get cast in Fifty Shades of Grey).

In The Paperboy Nicole plays a blonde bombshell of the trailer park variety. Her character obviously has some issues since she starts a relationship with an inmate who has been jailed for murder (John Cusack). She writes to him in jail and hopes to hook up with him in real life by enlisting the help of Zac Efron’s character and his reporter brother (Matthew McConaughey) to get him set free.

At one point in the movie, Zac’s character gets covered in jellyfish stings and is about to have a few nurses who just happen to be on the beach urinate on him to relieve the pain (there’s an old wives’ tale that pee “cures” jelly fish stings). However, Nicole’s character stops them by saying, “If anyone is gonna piss on him, it’s gonna be me!”

According to Nicole Kidman, her peeing on Zac Efron was the real deal, so hopefully she drank a lot of water before shooting in order to dilute her urine. What’s really awful about the scene is that some of the jelly fish stings were on Zac’s face.

There’s even a close up of the urine stream, but it seems as though audience members weren’t very impressed with the scene—perhaps Nicole made it even more awkward by trying to be erotic or something.

Nicole Kidman wouldn’t be the first big actress to pee on camera—Oprah Winfrey did it in the movie Beloved.

So why would actresses urinate on camera when it’s easy enough to simulate it with some fluid and a clear, plastic tube? Perhaps Nicole thinks that doing it herself will help her win an Oscar or something, but it obviously didn’t help Oprah when she did it. It’s also possible that she thought that it would get the movie a lot of buzz.

So do you think Nicole went a little too far as an actress by actually peeing on Zac Efron?

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