Nicole Kidman dyes hair bleach blonde!

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Nicole Kidman has dyed her red hair! The Rabbit Hole actress is now a bleach blonde! In what is a somewhat shocking transformation, Nic actually looks lovely! It’s hard to believe that she could pull off bleach blonde, but with her fair complexion, it actually suits her.Nicole Kidman 2004

“The last time I saw Nicole as a blonde was for her role as a robotic housewife in the film Stepford Wives. I’m glad to see it making a comeback for The Paperboy,” said Eden Univer at Hollywood Life.

Well of course her dye job was for her new film and not just for fun! Although, she does look years younger and much like a Playboy bunny! It’s amazing how your hair color can completely transform you. Nicole Kidman looks really good as a blonde, even though she looks nice as a red-head too. Don’t worry if you don’t like it though. You can bet your bottom dollar that she will return to her natural hue once this film wraps. Bleach blonde is a lot of work!

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