Nicole Richie Dad, Peter Michael Escovedo, Not Attending Wedding – Will Former BFF Paris Hilton be There?

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Nicole Richie’s biological dad will not be attending her wedding to Joel Madden on Saturday. Peter Michael Escovedo, reported to be Richie’s biological dad, may not have been invited to the Beverly Hills wedding at all. So, will Paris Hilton, her former BFF be attending the nuptials?

NICOLE RICHIE 24X36 COLOUR POSTER PRINTApparently, Lionel Richie adopted Nicole Richie at a young age from Escovedo. Unfortunately, it seems that Richie is not too fond of Escovedo if he isn’t even attending the wedding. Escovedo’s wife stated:

“My husband is out of town, and will not be back until Monday. The nature of their relationship is a private matter and will remain so.”

Richie, 29, has two children with Madden, 31. Her daughter Harlow is 2 and son Sparrow is 1. Another missing face from the wedding is Richie’s former BFF, Paris Hilton. Perhaps a couple of kids and a stable relationship has matured Richie’s wild ways. Now, she’s beyond partying it up till the wee hours like former BFF Paris Hilton.

Nicole Richie is also reported to have a small wedding with a “vintage and romantic vibe” and “didn’t want a huge wedding.” What a surprise for the once spotlight starved reality star! What do you think about Richie’s planned wedding? Let’s all hope, for the sake of her children, their marriage withstands the test of Hollyweird.

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