Nicole Ryan Update: Suspect Arrested in Kidnapping and Sex Assault

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A suspect in the kidnapping of Nicole Ryan has been apprehended, but another is still at large — as far as reports are indicating at least. Tobias Dustin Summers, 30, remains at large but a 29-year-old by the name of Daniel Martinez has been arrested on suspicion of the crimes. Previously, this man’s name wasn’t reported and it was confusing to keep up with whether or not one or two suspects were being sought. Now, it’s being made evident that two people are suspected of abducting the 10-year-old California girl.

It’s fortunate that officials are working so quickly to bring justice to the child victim — who is double lucky that she made it out of the ordeal alive and without too much damage done to her body. However, the emotional and mental damage that remains from this sort of thing could last a lifetime with or without professional care. It’s just so heartbreaking that this little girl experienced such a horrific experience, but hopefully in time she can move on and her loved ones can too.

In the meantime, Tobias Dustin Summers must be found, and his suspected accomplice Daniel Martinez will undoubtedly be investigated thoroughly. Why would these two relatively young men abduct a child from her home in the middle of the night — a child they did not know? Predators of this nature don’t often work together; but when they do, the outcome can be absolutely horrific. If these two men are truly responsible for what happened to Nicole Ryan, then it’s important that this be stopped and ended before there are more victims.

Tobias might have changed his appearance by shaving his head and could have relocated to the San Diego area. If you see the man pictured above, do not hesitate to call police authorities.

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