Nicole Scherzinger and Beau Lewis Hamilton Split – Pussycat Doll and Race Car Driver Break Up

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Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton are no longer an item. According to reports, the Pussycat Doll who is now a judge on X Factor USA and the high profile race car driver have broken up after four years together.

But why now?

Most likely the reason is the long distance between them. Nicole Scherzinger, who has a home in Malibu, California, is based more in Los Angeles these days while Lewis Hamilton, who owns a Swiss retreat, is on the road all year long as a top Formula One driver.

One report quotes People who states the magazine’s source commented, “They’d been long distance for a long time and it’s just been hard. They both tried to make it work, but their careers kept them apart. So for now it’s over. They think this is what’s best. They’re definitely going to stay friends.”

Meanwhile, another source, this one from London, says that now that Nicole Scherzinger is once again single, she has been leaning on her X Factor colleague, host Steve Jones, for support.

This report hints that perhaps Scherzinger and Jones are about to become more than just working buddies. The source said, “Nicole is crushed and has shed so many tears. Steve’s been a shoulder to cry on and a real gent. They have become close and have met up outside the studio. He listens to her and makes her laugh. There is unmistakable chemistry there.”

Chemistry, huh? Well, time will tell if Nicole is able to go from one man to the next so quickly, but Scherzinger doesn’t seem the type to be that fickle. Or does she? What do you think?

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