Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton: Relationship Over, Who Dumped Whom?

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Hey guys, Nicole Scherzinger is back on the market! That’s right, the Pussy Cat Doll turned X Factor judge Scherzinger and her F-1 driving boyfriend of four years Lewis Hamilton have broken up! The question is who dumped whom?

From the sounds if it, Lewis Hamilton dumped Nicole Scherzinger, or at least made an excuse why they broke up. According to reports, Lewis cited conflicting work schedules. The two never saw each other, and that somehow cramped the younger Hamilton’s style. It turns out that since Nicole took yet another TV judging gig, she is never home.

Sources close to the couple said that the couple seems heartbroken, but career-focused:

They are still very good friends and it was an amicable split, but they just decided it was impossible to keep the relationship going with such conflicting work schedules.

It sounds like he doesn’t like the fact that Nicole Scherzinger is in Los Angeles and while he is busy racing cars in Europe. Lewis has a home in Switzerland. There had been rumors that the two were engaged earlier in the year, and this isn’t the first time that they had split. The two broke up back in 2010 for a brief time.

From the sound of all of this, the split may actually be for the better. Clearly Nicole has career opportunities in Los Angeles and is not particularly focused on settling down and having a family or traveling all over the world with Lewis. Better to end it now as friends than to have it end in an ugly manner down the road.

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