Nicole Scherzinger Nude in ‘Culo’ Book Featuring the Naked Posterior

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A new book finds X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger nude. The book, called “Culo” will feature the naked backside as it is celebrated by photographer Raphael Mazzucco. The word culo loosely translates to “butt” in Italian, and that will be on display from Scherzinger, among other women.

The Nicole Scherzinger naked pictures feature the former “Dancing With the Stars” winner showcasing her booty with body paint on. Seems tame yet artistic, but steamy and sexy for her big admirers. The “Culo” book by Mazzucoo was also the creative product of rapper/producer Diddy and Jimmy Iovine. It’s also been featured on HBO’s hit series “Entourage,” and finally saw the light of day this past week, with the book selling on Amazon to mixed reviews. One has to wonder how Diddy and Iovine came up with the concept, or if it was one of those lightbulbs over the head during a business meeting at a strip club.

Scherzinger is no stranger to sexy and steamy photo shoots or music videos, but showing some skin may be a bit of a departure for her. It’s doubtful that she or her boss Simon Cowell will mind the “extra exposure.” Nicole’s also set to be a part of the 2012 trilogy film “Men in Black III,” and this nude photography could help with a few ticket sales. In all reality, she may have just done this new book to show her former lover, F1 racing star Lewis Hamilton, what he lost when they split up in October of this year. One man’s loss will be another’s gain for sure!

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