Nicole Scherzinger Skimpy London Fog Ads

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It appears with the Super Bowl occurring today, every brand out there is coming up with creative ways to get their name out there in a way that people will remember. A lot of celebrities have been stripping down lately for a variety of brands, including H&M and Armani. Now add one more to that list—London Fog. That’s right, the popular (and slightly pricey) manufacturer of trench coats, various winter coats, rain coats, and even luggage has come out with some sexy ads of their own.

London Fog has hired Nicole Scherzinger—famously known for being a member of the sexy all-girl group the Pussycat Dolls—to appear in a series of ads for them. A series of very sexy ads, one might add. The one ad that most might remember the easiest is the one in which Nicole Scherzinger appears in nothing but a trench coat in a variety of poses.

Scherzinger tweeted that she loves the way the photos came out, and even allowed her fans a sneak peek. This endorsement came at a great time for Nicole, as Simon Cowell fired her (and pretty much everyone else) from X Factor. Nicole looks absolutely fantastic; hopefully this will bring about a whole new venture in her career.

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