Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Release ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ Music Video

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Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are sharing their love with the world through their “Now That I Found You” music video.

Nikki’s Twilight costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get a lot of attention for their onscreen and off-screen romance, but Nikki wants to show everyone that she’s got her own great love story going on. In the music video she and her American Idol alum hubby are shown snuggling in a field and singing to each other, and they make just as hot of a couple as Edward and Bella as they exchange loving looks. The video can be seen here.

It’s certainly not the best song and music video you’ll ever see (sometimes Nikki Reed’s voice is actually way more tolerable than Paul McDonald’s), but it’s sweet that the couple wanted to immortalize their love by recording a song together. However, Twihard fans would probably prefer to see another Twilight star record a song with his ladylove someday.

Robert Pattinson can sing and play guitar, and Kristen Stewart sings in Into the Wild and The Runaways, so maybe they should seriously consider writing and recording a song together, too. Perhaps they could use it as a way to celebrate their love with their fans if they ever got engaged.

Of course Nikki would probably be livid if Kristen and Rob recorded their own love song – it would seem as though they’re trying to steal her thunder. However, Twihard fans would love to judge whose romantic tune is better.

So what do you think – could Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson record a better love song than Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald’s generic but sweet “Now That I Found You?”

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