Nikki Reed Disses Robert Pattinson (Video)

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It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren’t exactly BFFs with Nikki Reed. A sad but true fact that must make the atmosphere on the Twilight Saga set rather tense to say the least. Well, it’s good that the Twilight Saga franchise is over, because Reed recently made some remarks about R-Pattz that could be called incendiary. Or not. Maybe Nikki Reed was just being thoughtless or displaying a bizarre sense of humor when she, in effect, called Rob a liar. Ouch.

In a recent behind the scenes interview with Seventeen Magazine, Nikki Reed was asked what she would miss the most about Robert Pattinson now that their tenure on The Twilight Saga franchise was over. Reed’s reply has been described as “an incredibly back-handed compliment.”

“He tells very elaborate stories,” Nikki replied, “and it’s fun to pick them apart to see what’s true and what’s not because he’s a big storyteller.”

Yikes! While Nikki Reed stopped short of using the L-word to describe Robert Pattinson, her meaning is clear. Robert Pattinson makes a habit of telling untruths. Which makes him a liar. And since Nikki implies that he fabricates falsehoods habitually and seemingly unconsciously, he is also a pathological liar. Yikes. Poor Rob.

The question is: Is Nikki Reed telling the truth? Or was she just making a rather poor and awkward joke? Or was she being deliberately mean?

Rumor has it that Nikki and Robert Pattinson have a “history” together. The two allegedly once had a fling, which caused the ongoing feud between Reed and Kristen Stewart. Now that Twilight has ended, the two women reportedly no longer speak to each other. Is Nikki Reed’s rude comment about Rob just a classic case of a woman scorned?

You can watch Nikki Reed dissing Robert Pattinson on the video clip below. On a recent poll, most people believed she deliberately dissed Rob. What do you think?

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