Nikkole Paulun Allegedly Cheats on Her Fiance

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Nikkole Paulun just announced her engagement last month, and already it has ended—and it wasn’t pretty. According to the 16 & Pregnant star’s boyfriend, Nikkole cheated with someone she used to date, but Nikkole isn’t staying silent and has responded to his claim, sort of.

Yesterday, Josh Drummonds tweeted, “@NikkoleMTV hmm bestfriend, fiance, nikkole. You cheated on me yet again…. And again im more lost than ever #honestly #iwillalwaysloveyou. You broke it so slowly this time. Mike again wow f**k everyones happiness but yours. #sad alls I ever wanted was this and now…” As for how he found out, he told fans, “The guy called her phone I answered.. I went to sleep she left.”

Later on, Nikkole weighed in when one fan suggested he keep that information private and work it out amongst themselves. “I agree,” she wrote. “I don’t sit here & talk about what he does but @bj_246 doesnt understand that.” It looks like whatever happened between them wasn’t all Nikkole’s fault. These two have a long history plagued by Josh’s drug use, and while he appeared to be clean as of late, he could have screwed up again.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see what comes of this couple.

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