Nikkole Paulun’s Baby Daddy Is Heading to Jail

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Nikkole Paulun and her baby’s father, Joshua, got back together a few months ago after splitting up after their son, Lyle, was born and on Nikkole’s birthday a couple of months ago, the two became engaged. However, the engagement didn’t last and while he claimed that she cheated on him, there appears to be much more to this story.

After announcing their split, Nikkole hinted that Josh’s struggle with drugs may have come back to haunt them. Then, last night, Nikkole took to Sulia to reveal that her son could be without his dad for a long time because of a legal issue he is dealing with. “As everyone of you who has followed our story knows… Joshua isn’t exactly what most would call a ‘good guy.’ He recently got himself into some legal trouble & is expected to be going “away” for a few years,” she explained, adding, “It’s a very difficult situation because Lyle is SO confused.”

Poor Lyle is just two years old and having his father absent is not going to be a good thing. It’s unfortunate that Josh’s past mistakes have seemed to work their way back into his life and could possibly take him away from his child. While drug use hasn’t been confirmed as the reason, that is what he had been dealing with for years, and while Nikkole hoped he could change, it’s hard for an addict to get out of that deadly cycle.

Hopefully, Josh can change his ways quick and avoid the jail time he is facing, otherwise, he’s going to be missing out on a critical time of his child’s life, and that’s not something he’ll ever get back.

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