Nikkole Paulun’s Pregnancy Drama: Mike Sindone’s Girlfriend Speaks Out About Her Embarrassment

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Nikkole Paulun had been dating Mike Sindone late last year after calling things off with the father of her son and her fiance at the time, Josh Drummonds. While the pair’s relationship was short-lived, Nikkole announced months later that she was expecting Mike’s baby in late summer; but once summer rolled around, there was no baby. Despite providing documents to the press detailing a hospital stay, fans questioned whether or not the documents were real–especially after her best friend came out and told everyone that she had faked the pregnancy. Needless to say, Mike isn’t happy about the whole ordeal and neither is his girlfriend.

After revealing last week that charges have been filed regarding the pregnancy, Mike’s girlfriend Teri has taken to Twitter again to express her disappointment in the recent events. “I don’t think any one would think they would have to deal with something like this. It’s so disturbing,” Teri told a fan, adding, “It’s just embarrassing that everyone knows about this.”

Hopefully, now that the police have gotten involved, the issue will be resolved. And if Nikkole did make up the whole pregnancy, she will be punished for the hell she’s put the people involved though.

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